Monday, February 9, 2015

Getting The Led Out

Only a Sunday long run between me and another 5day/40mpw as I headed out the door just after 10am.
After three weeks of having someone to run w/ on the Sunday long run it was back to "old school" and going solo.
Not the worst thing in the world,while I've enjoyed the company and continue to look forward to shared Sunday long runs having a Sunday to myself allowed me a few hours to myself.

As a rule I don't commit my weekly schedule to paper till Sunday usually post long run and even then always in pencil,the past two weeks w/ rescheduling and subsequent cancelling of Thursday Nite @ The Races #2 proved how wise that is,that said during my long runs I will mentally write a schedule for the upcoming weeks.....shit what else am I gonna think about for two hours while I'm out running?
I'm closing in on the critical phase of the Indoor season,as of Saturday I'm 6 weeks out which means I have three more weeks at full throttle b4 a three week taper,my next race is 11 days out and is followed by the deadline for entries for Winston Salem and then two more races on the 8th and 10th of March so each run and repeat takes on its own sence of importance from here on in.

Conditions were grey and overcast but mild enough not to require double layers although I did opt for gloves since A I'm cursed w/ piss poor circulation and my fingers are always cold and B I was doing the Art Museum Loop so it was probably prudent to protect said fingers.
Reached half way and Falls bridge in 59.36,prehaps wishful thinking to think I could go sub 2.00 on my lonesome but what the fuck why not give it a go I thought?
As per along West River Dr I felt I was "swimming against the tide" w/ everyone running southbound to my northbound,however I knew crossing Falls bridge that while I'd still encounter runners going in the opposite direction at least there'd be runners ahead of me going southbound.

I began picking off runners ahead of me w/in the opening mile of Kelly Dr,I had a wry smile to myself when I passed one runner w/ at the 9 mile mark who seemed to take umbridge w/ me for passing him,I was cognisent of his footsteps for maybe 400m b4 they faded away not to be heard again,sorry champ nothing personal but that's just how it goes.
At the start of Boathouse Row I was joined by Andy Elkin who I thought I'd seen running towards Falls bridge as I made my way down Kelly Dr,he made me laugh when he said he'd been trying to reel me in for the past 2 miles!!!.
We picked up the pace a little as we ran to the end of the Schuylkill Banks,Andy exited stage left at Locust Point as I continued along the Schuylkill footpath and South St bridge.

1.51 and change at mile 13,it'd take a hurculean effort now to duck under 2.00 but wasn't too upset to clock 2.00.50,8.37 mile pace,9 min mile pace would've gotten me home in 2.06 so to be that close on a solo effort was quite pleasing.
Another 5 day/40mpw under my belt,fingers crossed the weather continues to work in my favour as I go for a threepeat this coming week.

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