Monday, February 16, 2015

For The Love Of It

So true love triumphs once again it always makes it in the end
And if you let your heart run free,it will return faithfully
Love can't hide,though it tries,hearts catch fire all the time
Helpless love walks the line,hearts catch fire the hour is fine
Here's my heart

Here's My Heart-Pat Benatar

For the record let me state I don't believe in True Love,Cupid or Soul Mates.....I used to.....then again I used to believe in Santa Claus,the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy......somewhere along the line I became a non believer,yes it makes for a lonely exsistance but it does save me a small fortune in cards,candy and flowers....which given the $40 Livewll Deduction #stilllgrindingthataxe may not be the worst thing on this pay period!!!!.

Remember on Wednesday when I forgot my half zip jacket and but I opted to keep todays shorter repeats in place???? well that proved to be a prudent move on my part.
I don't know what the official temps were on Saturday but the afternoon high was only going to be low to mid 20s.....w/ a threat of snow.... so I thought it prudent to get to Geasey Field a little earlier than usual,hence my arrival at 11.55am.
Conditions were grey{just one shade,not fifty!}and blustery and  after my 6 lap warm up it began to snow,the flakes grew bigger as the workout progressed,I can only imagine what conditions would've been like had I shown up at my usual time around 1.15pm!!!

Warm up taken care of it was time to "have at it" over 3x300m and 3x200m as ever w/ debuts on a repeat it's hard to know what kind of splits I should be gunning for but based off the splits I put up on Wednesday over 5x200m,4x300m,3x200m I felt 52/32 was a reasonable target time....


Not sure where that opening 48.78 sprang from but hopefully it bodes well for the future as I see these shorter repeats w/ short recoveries {1 min between  both 300s and 200s w/ a 2 min rest between each set} becoming the norm


Pleased w/ the 200s period but adding all six repeats up for a combined 1,500m I had 4.08.06............

By the time I exited Geasey Field at 12.45pm the snow flakes were getting bigger but I was done for the day and my only pressing engagement was w/ the tv at 6pm for the Millrose Games........take that you chubby little cherub and your arrows.......

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