Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The waiting is the hardest part everyday you see one more card you take it on faith you take it to the heart the waiting is the hardest part

The Waiting-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

After a good run of getting the upper hand w/ "Old Man Winter" it looks like I'm getting tag teamed along w/ Mother Nature this week!
I opted to sit out Sundays long run,the cold I think I could've handled.....maybe not over 14 miles but I'm sure had push come the shove I could've mustered  a few miles,but the high winds and an aversion to becoming a lifelike Mary Poppins helped sway my decision to sit that one out and settle for a 4 day/26mpw.

B4 yesterdays decision to sit out another run due to the extreme cold I elected to revisit my "Week 9" clause where after 8 weeks of training I take a week off.....boy if ever there was a week to do that it was this week!
Since I have a race on tap on Thursday{fingers crossed this one doesn't fall victim to the weather in NYC!!!} I will tweak that clause and run the 800m at The Armory b4 hopefully hitting Temple's Geasey Field for Mile repeats on Saturday or Sunday depending on the snow on the track.

Thursday feels a bit like "Last Chance Saloon" as the deadline for Indoor Nationals falls at 11.59pm so post race I'll beat a hasty path to a nearby Starbucks post race to get my mile and 800m entries in,come Friday it's only four weeks till Winston Salem which gives me one more week of full blown training b4 my taper,the clock as they say is ticking......tick tock,tick tock....

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