Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Do You Know? You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!!

I've never laid claim to the fact that mine was the first and last word on training,my feeling has always been while my way may not be the right way for others it's always been the right way for me,however the caveat to that has been if someone came along and showed me a way to get faster and stronger I was willing to listen to them......
Recently I came across a set of repeats from a runner who I not only hold in high esteam but is also a several time world champion and world record holder.......if these repeats work for him then I figured they can't do me any harm,afterall isn't "immitation the greatest form of flattery"???

I arrived at Geasey Field just gone 3.45pm conditions were sunny but w/ a nip in the air....which made the fact I'd reprised my role of the "abesent minded proffessor" and left my Spurs Under Armour dri fit half zip hanging up in the bathroom that much more of a DOH!!! moment
Tempted as I was to switch repeats to the shorter one I have on tap for Saturday{which is another borrowed workout,this time from one of my rivals for the M50 1,500m title at Worlds} I know that Saturday is gonna be way colder than yesterday half zip or no half zip so I stuck to the plan of:
5x200m 4x300m 3x200m.

Mile warm up taken care of it was have at it time.
Given this was my first time doing this repeat today was more about laying down a baseline of splits to give me something to go after in two weeks time when I revisit it

While I'm no stranger to  200m/300m repeats{lest we forget my 8x300/200/300m repeats} it the short recoveries that were alien to me today.

If the end product of these repeats was to feel leggy and short of breath then I'd executed them!!!

I must say only getting 60 seconds between the opening 200s and then 90 seconds between the 300s and closing 200s wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be and while I still plan to keep longer repeats in my rotation I have been looking to cut down my recoveries,as I always say "anyone can be a world beater off of extended recoveries" and your workout is only as good as your recovery.

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