Monday, February 2, 2015


According to Freud the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".......I guess Sigmund never did repeats on the track!!!!

In a week where I was altering my schedule on the fly to accomodate the weather I was forced to do back to back 4x1 mile repeats on Wednesday and Saturday.
Loathe as I am to do back to back same repeats I was more loathe to have to stand around for 40 mins in between repeats on my scheduled 4x400m/mile/4x400m/mile in sub zero temps{at 1.15pm it was probably in the low 20s w/ strong winds}so rather than blow off repeats like I did a few Saturdays ago in favour of a 6 miler I said cold and wind be damned and headed over to Temple's Geasey Field just after 1.10pm to have a second crack at 4x1 mile repeats having gone
5.23.5 5.26.5 5.31.5 5.28.3 on Wednesday.

Mile warm up.....w/ the emphasis on warm taken care of it was off w/ the sweats,on w/ the shades....yes I remembered to put them in my backpack today which was prudent given the bright sunshine despite the sub zero temps and winds and time to have at it.....

#1 mile
A slightly more restrained opening 400m than Wednesdays 1.13 set me up nicely for a 5.23 opener

#2 mile
Yet again that slight mental lapse on the second and third laps helped bloat my time,need to work on that aspect of my mile repeats...

#3 mile
Well I was dialed in on the opening two laps,maybe I went into oxegyn debt  on lap three but at 5.25 I was looking a shoe in for 4x sub 5.30s.......

#4 mile
Son of a bitch!!! I knew I was in an uphill fight when I opened in 1.21 and that strong head wind from the foot of the back straight to the top of the home straight was proving tougher and tougher to negotiate over the final laps.

I ended up w/ practically identical times compared to Wednesday:
5.23.5 5.26.5 5.31.5 5.28.3
5.23.7 5.29.7 5.25.9 5.31.6.
The plus minus came out even.

All in all I can't beat myself up too much.....although the head wind beginning at 200m and ending at 300m had done a pretty good job of that on the track I could walk away w/ the satisfaction of getting two repeats in,sometimes it's the moral victories that matter when you lose the battle but win the war.

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