Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Second Here,A Second There

Glass half full w/ tomorrows Thursday Nite @ The Races series getting rescheduled to next Thursday I found myself w/ the opportunity to squeeze in a repeat session I hadn't planned, and w/ that I packed my running gear into my running bag at 5am w/ the intention of hiting Temple's Geasey Field on my way home from work for 4x1 mile repeats.

I arrived at the track a little after 3.45pm,next to no snow on the track,nobody else using it far so good!
Mile warm up...warm being the operative word,the sun might've been out and causing a slight issue rounding the top turn b4 the home straight{frankly getting my bag ready at 5am Shades were NOT a top priority you'll be surprized to read!!!} w/ temps probably around freezing but upon compleation of said mile warm up it was off w/ the heavy duty hoodie,ski hat thermal gloves,long sleeved dri fit shirt,half zip under armour jacket,running tights and waterproof bottoms....which I could've probably ditched but that extra layer of warmth wasn't hurtin' any trust me!!!

Last time out over 4x1 mile on 12.30 I went:5.21.3 -5.28.9 -5.30.2 -5.30.4 what could I do today?

#1 mile
Leave it to yours truly to go out too hard on the opening lap,I had to hope I still had juice in the tank for the next 19 laps......

#2 mile
If nothing else I was being consistant,I'd still like to see laps 2 & 3 get quicker but they were marginally quicker than the 12.20 and 12.30 repeats.

#3 mile
I knew that 1.27 on the second lap was gonna come back to bite me in the arse,any hope of today being 4x sub 5.30 had just gone up in smoke because of it

Son of a bitch!Yes I'd gone sub 5.30 and shaved a second off of 12.30s collective time but what I would've given to have gone 5.30/5.29 over the final two repeats.

At the end of the day it's a second faster than last time,sure I'd prefer to be shaving more time off but given the conditions and the fact I did them off the back of a full work day I can't be too bent out of shape.
Given Saturdays forecast is for a high of only 22 degrees I may well revist this repeat at lunch time rather than the 4x400,mile,4x400,mile if it's gonna be that cold the less standing around inbetween repeats the better.....till Saturday....

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