Monday, January 12, 2015

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie And Going The Extra Mile

There's the crime of passion and the crime of revenge but the worst crime of all is the crime of regret
Speak of the Devil and the Devil may speak of you why can't we let sleeping dogs lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie-The Mission

For the second Sunday in a row a Sunday long run w/ company,where as last Sundays run had been more accident than design this run had been planned........
I began blogging back in 85 I think,inspired by a former team mate,friend and for two years house mate Steve,at the risk of dredging up the past lets just say we had a falling out towards the end of 2008 and despite living less than three blocks from one another have untill now avoided one another.
In fairness Steve and I tend to run in "different circles" me on the track Steve on the roads but fate intervened in December as we were both on the M50 Greater Philadelphia Track Clubs Club Nationals teams.

Rather than perpetuate the long standing distance between one another I approached Steve,said hello shook his hand and wished him good luck for the race,in return Steve offered me a ride home post race,rather than "cut my nose off to spite my face" I accepted his kind offer and we chatted aimiably on the ride home,ok so it's not Isreal and Egypt sitting down to peace talks but it was a start considering how "frosty" things had become over the ensuing years this was progress.
I duly emailed Steve a thank you for the ride home and in turn Steve asked if I'd be up for sharing some Sunday long runs together.......Steve and I aren't likely to do repeats together and I'm not looking to go longer than 14 miles as Steve is potentially looking at a marathon later this year so sharing a Sunday long run felt like "middle ground" for us both.

We met up on the corner of my block at 10am,somethings never change ie Steve's high threshold to the cold,I had running tights and warm up bottoms on,Steve opted for shorts..... we must have looked like "the odd couple" as we ran alongside one another around the Art Museum Loop!!!
The morning air was brisk,the pace was comfortable and the conversation light as we made our way up West River Drive,over Falls Bridge and back down Kelly Drive.
Running w/ Steve is a bit like having your own GPS as he has an incredible knowledge of  the street in the area,rather than go back the way we came we went home via Mantua, a little change of scenery never hurts I guess.

I can't recall the last time Steve and I ran together probably 08,even as house mates we had seperate running agendas so runs together tended to be few and far between but this was a  nice change of pace and something that's probably mutually beneficial to us both,when the issue of the past came up we agreed the past is the past and neither one of us has any desire to rank it up,let it lay where it lays and rather than dwell on it lets put it behind us,one Sunday long run at a time.
Thanks to Steve's reroute thro Mantua I ended up w/ a 15 miler.....consider the extra mile my penence for bailing on Saturdays repeats!!!.

A 5 day/41 mile week and some fence mending thrown in for good measure......I'd call that a good week.

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