Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting It Done

Having been away all weekend in Ithaca I now had to play catch up on my domestic chores,food shopping,laundry AND get a run in.....oh and did I mention it was snowing!!!!
Following two trips to Aldi and Fresh Grocer I was ready to get my 8 miler in,the snow was more of a nuisance than anything,kind of what I would've ran in on Wednesday if my stomuch hadn't derailed my plans.
Was it tempting to blow off the run? sure but knowing tomorrow could be off the books w/ all the snow they're calling for I thought it prudent to get today in while I could and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

Out the door by 2pm which on a weekday is  somewhat of an amomaly I was happy to have less crowded sidewalks around UPenn and HUP to contend w/ on my approach to South St Bridge and the Schuylkill footpath linking me to the Schuylkill Banks and eventually Kelly Drive.
That said there were a few hardy souls like me who were determined to get their daily miles in,it's always somewaht reassuring to see your not the only one neurotic enough to be out there running in the snow!
Not sure what the official temps were at 2pm,below freezing I would guess but w/ double layers on I was well insulated against the cold and b4 I knew it I'd made the turnaround just after Spring Garden bridge.

8 miles in the books,we'll have to see if this years version of "the storm of the century" reaks havoc on the rest of my week,having had to endure two sub 40 mpw in the last two weeks I'm keen to halt that slide but mother nature may have other ideas.....guess we'll have to see which way the wind blows and how much snow falls on Monday night?

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