Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Don't Believe The Hype

Yes was the start of my last jam so here it is again,another def jam but since I gave you all a little something that you knew you lacked they still consider me a new jack
All the critics you can hang'em I'll hold the rope and pray it aint dope,the follower of Farrakhan don't tell me that you understand untill you hear the man
The book of the new school rap game writers treat me like Coltrane,insane yes to them,but to me I'm a different kind we're brothers of the same mind,unblind
Caught in the middle and not surrendering I don't rhyme for the sake of riddlin' some claim that I'm a smuggler some say I never heard of ya
A rap burgler,false media we don't need it do we? It's fake that's what it be to ya,dig me? don't believe the hype

Don't Believe The Hype-Public Enemy

W/ heartfelt apologies to those in New York and New England who did get clobbered by the snow those of us here in Philly and in particular the I 95 corridor are somewhat bemused by the fact that inspite of a prediction of between 6 to 14 inches of snow what we got was basically a light dusting of the white stuff,in fact we probably got more during the day and even then only an inch than we got overnight when the worst of it was predicted.
Don't get me wrong,I'm not complaining I was more than happy to be able to get out yesterday afternoon and take care of  business over 6 miles.

However the snow in New York did cause Thursdays Thursday Nite @ The Races 2 to be rescheduled till the following Thursday,not the worst thing in the world, I've got a feeling the backlash of Mondays snow is going to be reflected at work come Thursday and Friday so "having it away on me toes" at 1.10pm Thursday to be in NYC for 7pm might be an issue this week.
Given Thursdays race is postponed for a week I need to rewrite my schedule,hence the 6 miler yesterday,the plan this evening is to hit the track for some  mile repeats,if I can't for whatever reason then tomorrow I'll knock out a 6 miler to keep me on pace for a 5 day/40mpw.

The run it's self was  easy enough,no snow underfoot at least untill the Schuylkill footpath and while I never did check the temps when Peco Tower lit up at 5pm my guess is 33/34 degrees and sunny which always helps.
You know what else helps? Sunset at 5.13pm,off a 4.23pm start I was back across the South St bridge by 5.06pm and still had daylight as I closed out the final mile and a half which unlike mid December and early January where I slowed down as viability was an issue now I can see the pavement beneath my feet and and continue as a reasonable pace,I was out and back w/in a hour unlike the 64 min pace I was clocking b4......let's hope there is still juice in the tank if I get on the track for mile repeats tonite!

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