Thursday, January 15, 2015

Devide And Conquer

Easy 4 miler to allow me to "have my cake and eat it" I can still get a 40 mile week in and race...even if having to go 4 and 4 either side of tonites race means a 6 day week.....
Out by 4.30pm,at least w/ it only being a 4 miler I'd be out and back b4 dusk and even though technically it was another sub zero run {31 degs} at only 4 miles the run was pretty much over as soon as it began.

So here I stand for the 39th year about to embark on another season of running,that old familur feeling of pre race nerves is about to kick in,you'd think after all these years I'd be used to it and it'd be the proverbial water off a ducks back but the fact is I still get nervous b4 that first race of the season,like I always say "I'd be nervous if I wasn't nervous".

While tonite is hardly the "be all and end all" race and time wise I still want to kick the season off on a good note,I set 4.45 as my seed time,anything faster will be a bonus,anything slower? well it depends how much slower,one thing's for sure the picture gets a lot clearer after the dust settle this to the races it is!!!

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