Thursday, January 22, 2015

And If You Know Your History......

Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile History

2nd 4.29.46

3rd 4.30.14

10th 4.48.12

3rd 4.39.99

4th 4.57.11

?? ??????

So there you have it my previous record at Cornell's Barton Hall in the prestigious Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile.
For only the second time I'm making back to back apperarances at the "Winter Classic" as I not only hope to erase the memory of last years second half collapse but also return to the podium for a 4th time.
Interestingly 2012s 4.39.99 was the last time I went sub 4.40 indoors over the mile,I'm not sure I'm in sub 4.40 shape right now......then again I didn't expect my debut in 07 to be 4.29.46 either!!!! my point being strange things happen inside Barton Hall,you just never know!!!

Sadly I've been sidelined the last two days w/ some intestinal issues,nothing major but w/ the weather being what it was a threat of rain Tuesday and the snow yesterday I thought it best to sit those runs out,granted another 5 day/40mpw has bitten the dust but these things happen,fingers crosssed I can knock out an easy 6 miler this evening b4 getting my bag ready tonite for my early morning bus ride to Manhattan b4 switching buses for Ithaca,roughly 7 hours of bus rides but armed w/ a good book,my phone/internet and some "road tunes"the time should fly by.

I pretty much know my race plan.......NOT that I'm going public w/ it now but rest assured when it comes time to post my blog post race I'll spill the beans on if it went to plan or if as is often the case the race plan went out the window the second the starters pistol fired.........

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