Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Group Run

I had a few options available to me re the Sunday run,not run.....which frankly wasn't an option{is it ever???}wait till I got home which was also a non option as it would be 9pm b4 I got home,get up early and go for a 6 mile run by myself,or hitch my wagon to the 8am group run that had been impromptually thrown together at the last minute on Saturday evening.
8am seemed a more civilized time to run plus not doing it by my lonesome so I got up around 7am made a cup of tea and got dressed to meet up w/ the rest of us who were brave and crazy enough to run.

Along w/ myself I was joined by Mark Williams and three Toronto Track Club and three Athena track club runners:Paul Osland,Anne Bunting,John Helliker,Lorraine Jasper,Betsy Stewart and Cheryl Bellaire.
We must've looked a sight to the other non running hotel residents as we gathered in the lobby at 8am to head out into the sub zero temps for a 3 mile run,as I've said countless times runners are a strange breed and we tend to migrate towards fellow "birds of a feather" types.
Conditions were warmer than the single digit temps I ran in last year post race as I did loops around the hotel parking lot and unlike last year I was not alone.....plus having ran a better race than last year{which wasn't difficult!!!}this didn't feel like penence!!!

We found a nearby trail and after a mile and a half turned back towards the Best Western hotel to make it an easy 3 miler,everyone seemed happy to have gotten out and gotten a few miles in b4 we began our various journeys home  to Toronto,New Jersey and Philly.
A 4 day/22 mile week,kind of kicking myself to lose two 9 milers midweek when my stomuch was playing up but taking one last soak in my rooms Jacuzzi I wasn't feeling too much pain about that...or anything to be honest!

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