Thursday, January 8, 2015

20 Degrees....HA! I Laugh In Your Face

There is friction w/out fire when the passions spent as we shiver in the winter of our discontent
So little love left in our lives
Now we're standing in the shadows of a fading sun words like weapons the cold war touches everyone
So little love left in are lives
I am freezing,no love in the ice age whoa whoa I am freezing,no love in the ice age whoa whoa

Love In The Ice Age-Pat Benatar

Another fridged day but another day I gave  "Old Man Winter" the middle finger by getting out there in a mere 20 degrees and taking care of a easy/recovery 6 miler....take that you old bastard!!!!
It wasn't a day for the weak of heart a fact mirrored by only seeing 10 other runners out there along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive between 4.15pm and 5.21pm as I ran.
It was a day for "doubling up" two pair of gloves,thermal socks,regular socks,running tights,warm up bottoms,long sleeved shirt,half zip shirt,sleevless hoodie,heavy duty hoodie,ski hat,the sleevless hoodie fitted nicely under my ski hat which was the whole point of wearing it,trust me it served its purpose!!!

Needless to say running along the Schuylkill River was a joy w/ the wind whipping off of it but I did my best to block it out,thoughts of a roaring fire or at least the knowledge of hearing the water running through my heaters as I prepared to leave for my run served as a comfort to me as I froze my nads off,I'd have heat in my appartment when I returned home.....question was would I feel it???
Unlike Monday trusty Peco Tower was up and running at 5pm....BER 20 degrees as I made my way back west over South St bridge which made my brief exchange w/ some chav in his car at the corner of 33rd and Spruce that much spicier!!!

Pedestrians have the right of way whether they are walking or runing in my opinion so when I saw the green light on that corner I made up my mind I wasn't stopping .....Chav who also has the green light to turn from Spruce St onto 33rd St decides he also isn't stopping.......look areshole it's 20 degrees I'm outside,your  inside probably w/ your heaters on full blast,possibilly w/ heated seats maybe a hot beverage in your cup holder so why are you blowing your horn at me as I made my way across 33rd St?......the air was already blue enough b4 I added a FUCK YOU to it!!!!

Three 6 milers under my belt as I wanted it,another bitterly cold day on tap today ontop of having to work shorthanded in "the salt mine" which is why it was immperative I took care of business Tuesday and Wednesday,the prospect of coming home just gone 4pm and being able to thaw out rather than dress to the nines and tackle another run should be the fuel that feeds the fire at work today.

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