Friday, January 2, 2015

8 Down,1,470 To Go!!!

As has become a "rite of passage" over the past several years no New Year's Day is complete w/out a run of some sort to start the year off on the right to speak!
The original plan was to get the run taken care of early to mid morning not so much to get it out of the way but not to have it "hanging over my head" for the day......however the lure of a cooked breakfast proved too great!!!

It's rare I find myself in the position to enjoy a big breakfast,obviously weekdays are out w/ leaving for work at 5.20am and the weekends see repeats and long runs "ruling the roost" so I opted to push the run back to the afternoon post Spurs Chelski between 12.30pm-2.30pm,not only would it be much warmer then but I could also enjoy breakfast.....not some much having my cake and eat it more having my Saucages,Bacon,Hash Browns and Canadian Bacon  and eat it.

Bouyed by an emphatic 5.3 Spurs win I had an extra "pep in my step" when I eventually got out the door by 3.20pm for my 8 miler,conditions were sunny but brisk,not sure what the exact temps were at 3.20pm but I'm guessing high 30s 37/38/39 degrees,ski hat and glove weather for sure.
I wasn't the only one who'd waited till the afternoon to get their New Year's Day run in as I passed several other runners along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive just beyond the Girade Ave bridge where I make my turnaround for an 8 miler.

I have a whole year ahead of me but for now the focus is in my season opener in two weeks time at The Armory over the mile,in order to get there I have to focus on the day to day so while I have goals and targets as far off as September the only run that really matters is the next one....repeats on Saturday on the track,one day at a time,one run,one repeat,one race.......

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