Monday, January 19, 2015

Every Second Counts

If my biggest take away from Thursdays season opener was needing to shave 7 seconds off of my mile time between now and Indoor Nationals then Saturdays repeats proved to be just what the {running} doctor ordered!!

Unlike last week I kept my weekly Saturday lunchtime appointment at Geasey Field,arriving at 1.10pm I was suitable attired to handle both  the sun and wind w/ shades,ski hat and thermal gloves #evertheboyscout

Surfice to say I had the track to myself which always helps when there's 400s on tap,last time out a fortnite ago I went:67.97-68.11-70.03-69.03 for the opening 4x400s:1.23-1.30-1.30-1.23=5.46.3 for the opening mile followed by:70.71-71.74-72.90-73.04for the second set of 4x400s and then:1.25-1.30-1.30-1.18=5.43.0 for the closing mile.
I said at the time for an opening attempt at that repeat at least I now had a baseline so quote Chuck D of Public Enemy "base,how low can you go".......

#1 4x400m
Nice start shaving 4 seconds off of Jan 3rds effort

#1 mile
Eye Eye!!! another 4 seconds off,if the object of this was speed and strength I was hitting the nail on the head.

#2 4x400m

Granted I'm still losing  almost a second per 400 but I feel it's getting there,another 5 seconds shaved off and today my slowest 400m was 71.98 not 73.04....

#2 mile
Another 2 seconds shaved off for a collective 15 second second improvement on  my previous effort.

I said when I modified this repeat from 4x400/1 mile to 4x400/1 mile x2 that I felt it could be a good workout based on todays evidence I could be right,there's a way to go still but if I continue to keep shaving my 400s and lowering my mile splits I'll be happy w/ that


Andy Elkan said...

Hey Kevin, good seeing you the other night. Just curious, what is the recovery you take between your intervals? Hope you are well.

kevin f forde said...

Andy,good seeing you also at The Armory on Thursday.
On the 4x400m/milex2 repeats I'm taking 4 min recoveries,but will start cutting it down to 3 and 2 and maybe even 1 if I get uber adventurous