Monday, January 5, 2015

Early Bird Special

Left to my own devices this time of year I prefer to conduct my Saturday repeats around lunchtime as the weather tends to be a bit warmer than 10am,one of two things will force me to switch up....a 12.30pm Spurs kick off or bad weather so when I checked the forecast on Friday evening and it said rain after 12pm there was only one thing for it......get to Geasey Field earlier!!!

Suitable atired for temps hovering around freezing I was "suited and booted" and out the door by 9.20am and arrived at Geasey Field by 10.15am,not surprizingly given the conditions I more or less had the track to myself which is always a plus but w/ 400s on tap this was a session I needed lane 1 to myself.
Cast your mind back to post Outdoor Nationals/pre 5th Avenue Mile when I was conducting 4x400m repeats followed by a mile,I said then I could see that repeat staying in my rotation once track became my focus,well w/ a slight tweak I came up w/ 4x400m w/ a 4 minute recovery b4 a mile x2......cue demonic wha ha haa laugh!!!!!

Since this was my first time doing this version of the repeat I opted not to worry about splits,just throw Linguine at the wall and see what sticks....

#1 4x400m

A little disappointed to see #3 creep over 70 seconds but hopefully I have all season to work on that and bringing the 400m splits down.

#1 mile
Wasn't sure how realistic 1.20-1.25-1.25-1.20 pace was,again something to work on over the coming weeks and months.

#2 4x400m

Maybe it was predictable to lose a second per 400m off of only 4 mins recovery but I was determined to keep ploughing away even in hail.... yep hail as I conducted my second set of 400s!!!

#2 mile
Remarkably  shaved three seconds off my #1 mile w/ a final lap of 1.18,I'd have collapsed to the track were it not for the hail on the track I was that spent!

Not a bad start to this repeat,hopefully next time out I can shave  a second or two off todays splits

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