Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Running Is My Therapy

It's often been said runners no matter what they are dealing w/ in their personal/professional lives tend not to need therapy to solve said issues as running tends to be our form of therapy,and while I wouldn't dream of speaking on behalf of the entire running commmunity for my part I'll say that running has been and contiues to be my therapy.
Case in point yesterday,w/out going all TMI it was another classic "hooray for the Storeroom,fuck the Loading Dock" mindset by the powers that be,I may be more Bush League than Ivy League when it comes to intellegence but even as the Cat w/out the sharpest claws I know that there are two people down in the Storeroom who have the capacity to come up to the dock and help me receive when my co worker calls out but evidently this wasn't an option so muggings here gets lumbered doing all the work on what is a two man job,surfice to say I had steam coming out of my ears by the time I called it a day at 3.15pm.

As luck would have it I had a 9 miler on tap,ample miles to blow off said steam although I had to be careful not to over do it,w/ a brisk repeat session on tap this evening I had to make sure I kept my legs fresh for that but I think I found the right balance of steam blowing and keeping something in reserve for the track
40 degrees and sunny but as is it's won't along the Schuylkill the omnipresent wind whipping up off the river was there,never more so than along the Schuylkill footpath that is feet above the river #ber

I could tell I was in a fiesty mood{when aren't I???} just b4 the Art Museum,I was running along keeping my own council when BAM! along comes "Junior" straining to catch up w/ me even though I was oblivious to his presence till he went by me on my left........then he gets in front of me and slows the fuck down........REALLY????
Asides from being one of my pet peeves when runners do that I really wasn't in the mood for that kind of bullshit today{or any day for that matter to be honest!} so I sped up got back in front of ''Junior" and on the downhill that goes under Spring Garden bridge "let out the clutch"......and "Junior" was dispatched to my rear view mirrior never to be seen again. #seeya

Reached the turnaround just b4 Columbia bridge in 41.27 so a sub 1.23 was up for grabs if I wanted it,like I said I wanted to blow off a little steam and dispatching "Junior" had aided and abetted that but I also knew going "balls out" on a run of the mill 9 miler and falling on my arse on the track tomorrow would be unwise so I backed off a little on the inbound 4.5 miles home to clock a still respectable 1.23.21. and w/ that my therapy session had come to a close,shit I'd only get an hour if I saw a therapist!

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