Friday, February 6, 2015

Don't Think,Just Do It

Anyday I'm cold at work on ye olde loading dock tells me it's brisker than a Lipton's Iced Tea out there and the biting wind that greeted me as i exited the hospital at 3.20pm confirmed that.......
As a result of sitting out Monday's slushfest I needed to take care of business this afternoon over 8 miles to stay on pace for a 5 day/40 mpw so rather than fret about it I emersed myself in my book "Massive Attack" Trevor Tanner's follow up to "Tottenham Massive" on the commute home.
Even the short walk from the trolley stop to my front door was brisk,"don't think about it" I told myself which was hard to hear over the sound of chattering teeth as I marched home like a power walker in desperate need of a portapotty.

Once indoors it was time for a stretch and a quick change,two pairs of socks,running tights,warm up bottoms,long sleeved Under Armour shirt,Under Armour half zip,sleeveless hoodie,heavy duty hoodie,thermal ski hat,thermal running gloves.....if you're curious as to why the sleeveless hoodie it's thin enough to fit under my thermal ski hat so I can keep the wind off my face as I run,#methodmadness.

Out the door by by 4.22pm it was fridged but at least the sun was out which from a psychological stand point helps,given this was an 8 miler I wasn't sure if I'd still have daylight when I finished sunset was 5.23pm by which time I figured I'd crossing back over the South St bridge so there was every chance I'd still have daylight for the closing mile and three quarters but better safe than sorry I went w/ regular glasses,for the record there was still daylight when I returned home by 5.43 so providing I'm getting on the road{sidewalk} by 4.23pmish I think it's safe to go w/ shades from here on in till late October/early least when the sun is out I don't want to look like a total plonker out there!!!.

I said back in November/December when the new Schuylkill footpath was opened that the real test would be running along it just feet above the Schuylkill river in the dead of winter.....I wasn't wrong!!
A biting head wind which I had to contend w/ till the turnaround along Kelly Drive a quarter mile after the Spring Garden bridge,thankfully after the turnaround said wind was now at my back,anyone who's ever ran on Kelly and or West River Drives will attest that isn't always a given.

By now I was "in the zone" the wind and the cold were secondary as I continued to churn out a reasonable pace for what was essentially a recovery run,the satisfaction I'd "grown a pair" to deal w/ the cold {26 degrees} not to mention the wind was somewhat warming,you could say I had brass balls to do me they felt like brass by the time I got done,but me and my brass balls enjoyed a steaming mug of hot cider post run secure in the knowledge I'd taken care of business!

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