Monday, February 9, 2015

Rock You Like A Harry Kane

Nothing like a 7.45am kick off in the EPL to have you up,bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Saturday morning,factor in it's the North London Derby between Spurs and arsenal and you can appreciate yours truly up at 7am and parked in front of the tv waiting for the game to start!!!!

Since this is Kevin Running Free and not Tottenham Running Free I'll spare you the play by play of the game.....all you need to know was Spurs won 2.1 thanks to two second half Harry Kane goals,just the incentive I needed heading to Geasey Field at lunch time for my 4x400m/mile4x400m/mile repeats.
Conditions were remarkably warm and mild for early Febuary when I arrived at the track at 1.05pm{in case you're wondering why it was 1.05pm when I got there after the Spurs game ended a 9.40am I did cop the Madrid derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid a 10am.....what?I just wanted it to get warm enough}
Mile warm up taken care of it was time to have at it,last time out on Jan 17th I went:

#1 4x400m
A little bummed that 70 crept in I could've lived w/  66,67,68,69

#1 mile
3 seconds off of Jan 17ths opening mile and my fastest mile in the 4x400/mile x 2 todate

#2 4x400m
Funny story,after opening in 72.34 I was a little peeved all my hard work over the mile had been for naught as my plus/minus was now minus 1,when I first checked my watch after #2 I thought it read 77.98.....sonofabitch......then as the blood and oxygen returned to their rightful place I realized it read 67.98.......sonofabitch!!!!

#2 mile
Knew I was in a little trouble when I opened in 1.24,thought those last three sub 70 quarters plus the headwind on the home straight had caught up w/ me......yeah right! unleashed a closing lap of 1.17 for another 5.39 mile.

Collectivly up 9 seconds from my last outing,next time out I'm cutting the recoveries down to 3 mins,let's see what I can do then.

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