Thursday, April 2, 2015

No Foolin' It's Roxboro In Spring!

Like the Swallows returning to Capistrano it's a rite of passage to see me head out to the high school track at Roxboro in April/early May for my midweek repeats.
For all my bitchin' about Roxboro,the actual track its self,the hike to get there via the #9 bus and the attitude I always seem to encounter from the natives who seem clueless re track etiquette it would seem odd NOT to run there as I've been out there almost every year for the past  ten years and lest we forget my first track victory in America came on that track in 05 at  the old Wissahickon Wanderers meets in a 5,000m.

I had to push back my planned 8x800m repeats from Tuesday to Wednesday,the threat of rain plus the prospect of three repeats in four days seemed like overkill,as it was when I arrived there at 4.25pm yesterday afternoon the track was bathed in glorious sunshine,albeit w/ a stiff headwind on the bottom turn and down the back straight.
Mile warm up it was time to throw on the trusty shades and bandana and have at it.
Last time out over 8x800m on Feb 4th I went:
2.27.45 -2.31.44 -2.31.44- 2.33.40 -2.32.99- 2.34.18- 2.35.53- 2.32.34
I was taking four minute recoveries then,as w/ the 4x1 mile and the 4x400/mile x2 repeats I'd cut my recoveries to  three minutes we'd see if that would effect my times?

#1 800m
A solid start,I could live w/ 1.14/1.15 splits,could I keep them up over eight repeats?

#2 800m
A lapse in mental focus on the opening 400m put me in the hole but at least I didn't "mail it in"

#3 800m
Go me! a negative split,how I'd like to see them become the norn over the coming weeks and months

#4 800m
Shaken by that opening 400m 1.19 I dropped a 1.16 to keep my pre workout goal of 2.35 and under alive......

#5 800m
Bugger! Maybe the extra minute of less recovery was catching up w/ yours truly?

#6 800m
Credit where credit's due after opening in 1.20 I dug deep rather than go into the tank,question was what did I have left?

#7 800m
Surprized myself w/ that opening 1.16 especially as going into the first turn I was forced out into lane three to go around a group of kids on the track,did pay for it a tad on the second lap but after  seven 800s I could be excused for being a little spent.

#8 800m
Finished strong after a disappointing opening 1.20,good to see the legs and brain on the same page when I needed to pick it up over the final lap.

Overall reasonably pleased w/ this, pre workout the goal was 2.35 and under,didn't feel the need to extend expectations because I'd lowered recoveries.
Going forward I'd like to see more even splits which would aid and abet lower times I believe and hopefully eliminate those 2.36,2.37,2.38 splits next time out in three weeks time.

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