Monday, April 6, 2015

Picking Up Where We Left Off

We go walking hand in hand all across the land it's East at Easter people walking hand in hand
When ships are moving South it will be East at Easter we will rock you rock you little child, we will rock you rock you little child
All across the land it's East at Easter

East At Easter-Simple Minds

It had been five weeks since my last Sunday long run and subsequently five weeks since I last went 5day/40mpw......I'm not saying the two are "mutually exclusive" but they do tend to go together like Easter and Passover.....Mazel Tov!
After a drab 0.0 draw between Burnley and Spurs I needed something to wake me up as I headed out the door at 10.40am,conditions were sunny and warm and yesterdays winds had died down considerably......which was a blessing.
There have been times in the not so distant past when I've questioned if I had the legs for a 14 miler down,around the Art Museum Loop and back wasn't one of them!

I wasn't paying much attenion to splits as I reeled off the opening six miles at what felt like a reasonable clip so I was somewhat taken aback to see 57.27 at half way as I began to cross the Falls Bridge,last time out I clocked 58.01 at Falls Bridge on route to a 1.58.28 to be honest I wasn't expecting 57.27 today....was a 1.55 wishful thinking or there for the taking?
At least heading south on Kelly Dr I'd have people to chase which always helps,1.03 at 8  miles,1.11 at 9 miles and 1.18 at 10 miles.

1.26 at Lloyd Hall w/ "three miles" to should be stated for the record the "mile" from mile 2 to Lloyd Hall at mile 3 is long...more like 1.5 but I've always rounded down,I don't own a fancy Garmin to get an accurate measurement nor do I feel  the need to go to my local Home Depot for a measuring wheel either it is what it is,it's long...hey ho!
Mile 12 was 1.38,going up the on/off ramp to South St bridge I didn't feel that "pop" in my legs I often feel at the same point of an eight miler,sure enough mile 13 was a 10 minute mile 1.48,no 1.55 today which was fine by me to be honest off a 5 week hiatus from Sunday long runs I was thinking 2.06 b4 I hit Falls Bridge in 57.27.

1.58.00 at the finish,another 10 minute mile hey no harm no foul it was still 28 seconds quicker than my March 1st effort.
I'm probably looking at 13 Sunday long runs over the next 14 weeks,ample time to get down to 1.55 and below should the mood take me but frankly todays 1.58.00 earnt me my Cadburys Cream Egg post race reward,all the miles none of the guilt!!!

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