Wednesday, April 22, 2015

You've Got To Be Shittin' Me?????

Amazing!!!!!! I got through the ENTIRE Winter w/out getting sick once,here we are a few weeks into Spring and I'm struck down w/ a cold.......are you fucking shittin' me?????
On the heals of my latest setback another incomplete repeat session I returned to "the scene of the crime" w/in 24 hours to "have at it" w/ 4x1 mile repeats w/ 3 min recoveries.
I wrapped my right hamstring w/ a Compression bandage to aid the "knot" issue which I subsequently realized is Sciatica to try and get through this repeat......something that's become an "Albertross" around my neck of late and while my initial reaction to my sub par splits was the Sciatica post repeats my head felt congested,my nose was running,I had no appitite which for those of you who know me know on most given days I could "eat a scabby Horse and his jockey"!!! and I awoke on Monday to a headace,sore throat and a ton of fluid on my lungs.........don't need to be a Harley St doctor to know I'm "Tom Dick" don't need to be Sherlock bleedin' Holmes to know I'm pissed off by that!!!

As for the workout it's self,my previous 4x1mile repeats went:

#1 mile
A promising start and 5 seconds up on March 27s effort,was this going to be my day afterall......

#2 mile
As soon as I opened in 1.27 I knew I was up "Shits Creek" w/out a paddle,now for "Damage Limitation"....

#3 mile
W/ hindsight I was drowning in a sea of Mucus so I can be forgiven for my slow splits I think...

#4 mile
Trying  to put a positive spin on thes repeats is akin to "putting Lipstick on a Pig" admittedly but given I went through 800m in 3.02 and 1,200m in 4.31/4.33 I can be proud of not "mailing it in" and staying sub 6.00.....

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