Friday, April 3, 2015

Hard 800s Followed By Easy Eight Miler

Following a punishing repeat session at Roxboro on Wednesday an easy/recovery 8 miler out and back along the Schuylkill footpath/banks and Kelly Dr was just what the doctor ordered
A slightly later start {4.40pm} than usual but now that it's still light at 7pm that's not as big an issue as it was during Winter.
On the subject of the four seasons it's actually starting to feel like Spring now.....this may be helped by the fact we've finally gotten out of March....which is always a bastard month to begin.....personally I don't think Spring should begin till April 1st.....that's just me! 66 glorious degrees meant I could at long last dig out my blue Villanova shorts ......I strongly considered going the whole hog,Shades,Shorts and Sleeveless but thought better of it.....other than Indoor track I've had to keep myself covered up since November and all that pale flesh on display at once might be TOO much for an unsuspecting public.....but be warned General Public that day is nigh!!!

Given this was billed as an easy/recovery run I wasn't looking to go "bat shit crazy" pace wise as my legs were understandably a tad heavy from the 8x800m 24 hours earlier that said I reached the turnaround in roughly the same split 37 mins plus and ditto for mile  five 45 mins plus......however unlike Monday when I was willing to push the pace making it more of a tempo run today I was happy to just keep easing my way along the Schuylkill Banks and footpath,when I saw my  six mile and seven mile splits roughly a minute slower I wasn't phased by it.....somedays it needs to be a easier pace,being able to seperate easy/recovery miles from tempo miles is important.

Home in 1.16.00 respectable enough I was just happy to have 22 miles on the clock for the week,short repeats Saturday and a return to the traditional Sunday long run {14 miles} should see me at 5 days/40mpw this week

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