Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Running In The Rain Under April Skies

Mother Nature is a fickle whore,we go through all kinds of weather during Winter March is a bitch of a month to predict and then we reach Spring......except April tends to be another unpredictable month complete w/ "April Showers" which always makes life difficult.
I'd known since Sundays seven day forecast that after clear skies and sun on Monday Tuesday through Friday would be blighted w/ said April Showers.
I hedged my bets Tuesday as they were calling for rain but w/ 72 degree temps and duly schleeped out to Roxboro in the hope of getting my repeats in if itr was going to rain as it indeed did a least the temps would be warm.......however this all went to shite when I was confronted by a track meet out there.......not only a wasted trip but one of my two rest days shot to shit,returning home at 6.10pm I didn't feel like heading back opt the door for a 8 miler.

Ever the "Boy Scout" I did my due diligence and saw Thursday to be the better of the two days to reattempt said repeats so Wednesday was reasigned as my 8 mile tempo run......
Conditions were grey and overcast w/ a hint of rain but also decidely cooler temps than the past few days when I arrived home just after 4pm,there was never a option of blowing this off period but w/ a potential "supersoaker" heading our way on Friday I felt it prudent to take care of business today even if it meant relyibg on the trust olde Under Armour half zip jacket and three quarter length bottoms to help negaite the cooler temps......w/ hindsight a rain jacket may have been prudent!!!

For the opening three miles it was  a soft misty rain the type that forced me to ditch my glasses since I couldn't actually see out of but did allow me to read my stop watch more clearly for once,miles one through three were in keeping w/ Mondays splits en route to my 1.14.05 time,as  long as I kept close to that I'd be satisfied w/ my time,while I didn't want to go "balls out" the day b4 a potential repeat session I also didn't want to be out in this any longer than need be.
At mile three the misty rain became a lot harder,not a downpour but heavy enough to be noticeable,funnily enough prior to my run at work I was telling one of my co workers if I have to run in the rain I prefer it starts raining after I start my run as opossed to beginning said run in the rain.....file that under "careful what you ask for you might just get it".

37.43 at the turnaround a potential 1.15.26 which would've been below what I was shooting for to begin w/ plus the rain and 41 degree temps served as an added incentive to pick up the pace.
I tend to run the inbound leg of my eight milers faster than the outbound four miles so I was confident of getting under 1.15.26......besides who wanted to be out in these conditions any longer than they had to be?
By the time I reached mile six the rain had stopped.....however I was suitably drenched due to the previous three miles so it was somewhat of a mute point,not a mute point were my five and six mile splits which pointed to a 1.14 time if I was willing to go after it......challenge accepted!!!

One plus from the rain was clearer sidewalks,this however didn't stop yours truly issuing not one,not two but three black hearted celtic pagan comments to three of lifes less than attenive pedestrians in the final mile and a quarter  of my run,the third of whom forced me to slow in the final 100m of my run,one man and his fuckin' dog indeed!!!
Despite "Kruffs" or the "Westminster Dog Show" I still finished in 1.13.04 61 seconds faster than Mondays time and 19 seconds quicker than last weeks previous best of 1.13.23...both of which were run in dry conditions I hasten to add!

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