Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grey Skies,40% Chance Of Rain......{K}not A Problem!

Having sat out Monday as a precaution following Sundays abrupt end to my 4x400m/milex2 repeats I was back at it on Tuesday w/ an easy 8 miler on tap.
On a scale of one to ten,ten being the most uncomfortable the knot in my right hamstring felt like a two I was reasonably confident I could get through an easy 8 miler period muchless get myself back on schedule for this week.
Conditions were grey and overcast when I set off around 4.30pm w/ a 40% chance of rain,ergo why I threw on my Spurs baseball cap.....just in case!

Early on into the run it had to be said the knot in my hamstring wasn't an issue and maybe sitting out Monday was the prudent move even if it meant passing up a gloriously sunny 73 degree day,still it wasn't all doom and gloom on Monday since I wasn't running I had the chance to hit Center City post work to take care of  a few errends pick up the new Track & Field News and swing by St John's church to light a candel for my late fathers birthday.
Were he still alive "the auld fella" would have been 82 on Monday w/ him dying at 51 it's hard to picture how he might've aged.......going out on a limb I'd say at 82 he'd:still like his Guinness,still play Bingo,still follow Spurs,still cuss like a sailor but go to mass every Sunday and still bollock me to high heaven for every race I didn't win....... I could be wrong.......but I doubt it somehow I knew Kevin too well!!!!!!,Happy B'day Pop you are missed!

Early splits were: 8.40 at a mile,18.02 at 2 miles 30.08 at 3 miles and 37.27 at half way which leant towards a 1.15.54 time.....for an easy run I could live w/ that.....what I couldn't live w/ was one of my pet peeves while out running the "I'm gonna bust a gut to catch up w/ you,overtake you .....then slow down"................ you have no idea how much that pisses me off and while this was an easy run and I didn't want to eat into my reserves for tomorrows repeats I blew "Mickey Mouse" away on the downhill under Girard bridge.
Credit to "Minnie Mouse" who tried to reel me in along Boathouse Row when she pulled along side me I bumped it up a notch pacewise but rather than fade behind me like "Mickey Mouse" she tucked in behind me and tried again w/in a half a mile....again I repelled her to the point after the turnaround I saw here walking along Kelly Dr no doubt calling me every name in the book as I went by her in the other direction.....if you want the lead you'll have to earn it I won't roll over and just hand it to you.

44.57 at mile 5 I'm used to being at 45s so clearly "the run for home was on" based on the 12 min split from mile 2 to 3 outbound 57 mins at mile 6 was on the cards plus another 18 mins for the final two miles and 1.15........
57.54 at mile 18.02 would be 1.15.56...... I needed to be at nine 7 in 1.05 to have a crack at 1.14.......1.05.08....
An 8.54 closing mile brought me home in 1.14.02,I ran the opening mile in 8.40 so I can't be too concerned about the knot in my hammy to be honest it was never an issue over the eight miles.
I ran 1.14.05 on my easy 8 miler last week so I have to be pleased w/ this evenings effort,lets see how the 4x1 mile repeats go tomorrow b4 tackling an eight mile tempo run on Thursday,last week I clocked 1.13.04 in the rain,in dryer conditions is sub 1.13 on........

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