Monday, April 13, 2015


Pandora's box of holocausts gracefully cruising satellite infested heavens waiting,the season of the button,the penultimate migration
Radioactive perfumes,for the fashionably,for the terminally insane,insane do you realize? do you realize? this world is totally Fugazi......and it is yours
Where are the prophets? where are the visionaries? where are the poets to breach the dawn of the sentimental mercenarys?


Fugazi- Military slang for "fucked up situation" made famous by Vietnam war stories

In a week when Marillion ruled the "airwaves" on my phone via Spotify "Fugazi" just about sums up my week in training,at least where the  track was concerned.
I got shut out of Roxboro on Tuesday due a track meet and just couldn't summon the desire to try my luck again on Thursday given Tuesday ended up being a wasted three hour round trip w/ fuck all to show for it minus a shitload of Marillion getting downloaded to my Playlist on Spotify on my phone.
Not to worry I'd sacrifice the Sunday long run in favour of back to back repeats like I did three weeks ago......untill I arrived at Temple's Geasey Field around 1.30pm to find it out of commission,the drawback of not being a driver is not having the ability to hop in my motor and drive off to the nearest track or scour the neighbourhood for an available track.......
So Sunday I finally got onto a track at Temple's Geasey Field around 11.25am,glass half empty only one repeat this week not two,glass half full at least I was on a track......

Opted for the 4x400m/mile/4x400m/mile repeat although and maybe  to my detrement I opted to nix the 4 min recoveries in favour of 90 seconds for the 400s and 3 mins either side of the "Decathleats Mile" since this was a new twist on a  previously ran repeat it didn't seem worth using the splits from the last repeat {Feb 7th} a "baptisim of fire" if you like.....

4x400m #1
A little disappointed to see each 400 get two seconds slower but at least off of 90 second recoveries they were honest 400s unlike the previous 400s w/ 4 min recoveries

Decathleats Mile #1
Would prefer to see those 1.30/1.33s lower,something to work on when this repeat is revisited

4x400m #2
Having gone 73.19-74.95 I would have been ok w/ 75/76 400s on  3&4 so credit where credits due for throwing  a pair of back to back 73s period but off of 90 second recoveries to boot

Decathleats Mile #2
It's been a long time since I've been unable to finish a repeat session,we're talking years but at the top of the home straight on lap 3 at 1,100m I felt a knot in my right hamstring.
It felt irresponsible to carry on and potentially injure myself so I pulled up and shuffled onto the infield.

What lead to this knot? a reaction to the 90 second 400s? not eating enough b4 heading to the track? not taking water w/ me? all of the above?????
I don't have the answers.....what I do have is a slightly gimpy right hammy that I've iced,taken anti imflamatories,and have wrapped in an ace bandage.
I'll sit out tonite and see how it reacts tomorrow if it feels like a go an easy 8 miler along the river as a "test run" b4 heading to Roxboro on Wednesday for {hopefully} repeats as i've said time and time again in training "it's not if you face adversity,it's how you handle it".......

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