Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Not So Manic Monday

Maybe it was growing up in London for almost 24 years where we got Good Friday AND Easter Monday off that makes me somewhat nostalgic for those days now that I've been on this side of the Atlantic for almost 28 years and I have to work both days.....we may be a God fearing nation.....just not a God worshiping nation.....NOT that everyone back in England is at Mass on Good Friday,muchless Easter Monday I hasten to add.....just off from work!

Hard on the heals of Sundays long run it was prudent to make Mondays 8 miler an easy/recovery run period but w/ repeats on tap for Tuesday I also wanted to keep some of my Gunpowder dry,dry being the operative word as "April Showers" look to prominant this week.
However Monday was nothing but blue skies and a whopping 72 degrees,surfice to say shades and shorts were the order of the day when I set off at 4.35pm.

Another day when my opening splits were in keeping w/ recent runs just under 15 mins to the South St bridge{roughly a mile and a half} sub 18 mins at mile two along the Schuylkill Footpath,29 mins at Lloyd Hall for mile three and then the turnaround at the mile mark on Kelly Dr in 37 mins.
Even though this was a "easy run" compared to a "tempo run" I felt comfortable reaching halfway in 37 plus,in keeping w/ recent runs these runs have felt effortless which is how I'd like them to feel.
The trick now was to see off the inbound 4 miles w/out over extending myself b4 Tuesdays repeats and at near like metronomic pace I reeled off mile splits of 45 mins at Lloyd Hall {5}57 on the Schuylkill Footpath {6} and 1.05 at 39th St {7}
A 9 minute mile in closing over the final mile/elevan blocks would give me a 1.14 finish,pretty much what the halfway split of 37 plus indicated and w/out over exending myself I clocked a 1.14.05 finish,1.55 up on Thursdays same easy/recovery 8 miler.....a solid start to my week

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