Friday, April 17, 2015

Money,I'm Tellin' Ya....It's The Shoes!!!!

Since Indoor season ended I've been doing two 8 milers out and back along the trusty Schuylkill footpath/banks and Kelly Drive.
Last week I felt there needed to be a distinction between my  easy/recovery run and Tempo run,too often the Tempo Run gets overlooked in my training so the plan was going forward easy/recovery run to kick off the week,repeats followed by tempo run......alas Wednesdays repeats didn't materialize due to a transportation issue which had me not only fuming but also frothing at the mouth,add the chance to "christen" my brand spanking new Sketchers Go Bionic running shoes and "something brisk" was always on the cards.....

W/ sunny skies and 69 degree temps conditions were ideal when I set off at 4.30pm to put things in prespective on Tuesday I ran the opening mile in 8.40 on route to a 1.14.02......tonite 7.34......ah shit,Genie's out of the bottle now!!!
I didn't have an issue w/ going out that fast....afterall it was a tempo run,the issue now was how well I could hang onto that pace
Proving mile 1 was no flash in the pan I clocked 16.33 at mile 2 b4 clocking 28 something at the "slightly long" mile 3
Reached the turnaround in 34.50.....1.09.40 pace if I could hold onto this pace,at this stage of the season I feel my strength,stamina and speed are at decent levels so why not go for it?
Low 42s at mile 5 b4 63 something at mile 6......was  that 1.10 there for the taking?

Prior to the on/off ramp at Market St which is give or take half a mile b4 mile 6 I was cognisent of footsteps behind me......this was one time I was grateful of the challenge as it meant I couldn't "switch off and hit cruise control" said footsteps followed me down to the on/off ramp at South St bridge where I suprised myself w/ the fluidity of how I attacked the uphill and also put daylight between myself and my "shadow"
Yes! beat the red light at South Street & I 76 and again at 34th and Spruce St as I closed in on mile 7 at 39th and Baltimore.....1.02.00......I'd need  a 7.59 closing mile to get under 1.10.....
It was always going to be a tall order to begin w/ I was gritting my teeth and grimacing as I made my  west up Baltimore Ave but if I had to "go down swinging" then sobeit......

1.10.12 are you fuckin' kidding me!!! a 8.12 closing mile as I crushed not only Mondays easy/recover run of 1.14.02 but also last weeks Tempo Run of 1.13.04.
I'm tellin' ya it's the shoes aside from being 6.4oz and liteweight compared to my previous Sketchers Night Owl shoes the fact they're Red & Black they looked like two size 10.5 Formula One Ferrari's on my wonder I was "burning rubber" out there this evening.....

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