Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Day Late But Not A Dollar Short

Keen as I was to get my 4x1 mile repeats in on Tuesday the fact it was to coin an English expression"pissing out of the heavens" forced me to wait a day,rather than do them for the sake of doing them Tuesday in less than flattering conditions I waited it out and was rewarded w/ blue skies and sunshine and temps in the mid 80s yesterday afternoon,score one for patience!!!

Arrived at trusty Geasey Field at 3.45pm it was close to deserted which suited me,don't get me wrong I'm happy to share the track w/ others.....just not the inside lane when I'm doing my repeats!!!!
Mile warm up b4 a quick check of my last set of mile repeats from two weeks ago on July 29th,went:

#1 mile
I'd have to go back two years to find a mile repeat that swift,had I done too much too soon or was there still gas in the tank?

#2 mile
As is more often my won't the middle two laps dip a little lower than I would like but it's hard to grumble w/ a 1.16/1.17 opening/closing lap.

#3 mile
I was beginning to feel the pace a little now but compared to two weeks ago I was still ahead of where I was then,albeit only by a second

#4 mile
A bit of back and forth compared to the closing mile 15 days ago but out in 2.48 back in 2.38 w/ another 1.15 closing final 400m

9 seconds faster than last time out so clearly July 29th wasn't a one off,w/ three more 4x1 mile repeats on tap b4 5th Avenue Mile it'll be interesting to see what else I can do w/ this repeat b4 Sept 13th

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