Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy,Like A Sunday Morning{Long Run}

Following a reprieve of sorts last week by substituting the Sunday long run for the track pentathlon it was back to the time honoured tradition of the 14 miles around the Art Museum Loop yesterday morning.
Out the door by 10.30am it was grey and overcast when I left and minus a brief moment along the second half of the run along Kelly Dr when the sun came out I felt I made the right call not opting for my shades for the run,however despite the Channel 6 weathermans claim that  temps were in the low to mid 70s my dri fit sleeveless shirt was dripping w/ sweat by the time I go home just after 12.30pm.

2.06 for the run which is right on the nose of  9 minute pace for 14 miles having gone 2.08 on my first post Nationals long run and then gone 2.04 the following week I'm happy to keep it "ballpark" but it'll be interesting to see what my time is on Wednesday.......
NO that's not a typo I'm going to do my long run on Wednesday......let me explain.......

Next Sunday a bunch of Greater Philly Track Club guys are heading up to Lehigh to preview the Paul Short xc course,not only is it my first xc race of the xc season on Oct 4th over 8k but it's also the site of the December 13th Masters Nationals XC Club Nationals c'ship over 10k so a little recon never goes amiss and while a switch up of the schedule never hurts it'll be interesting to see how I handle my 14 mile long run on a week day after getting up t 5.10am and putting in a full shift at work......between 01 and 05 I had to do it for my marathon training so it shouldn't come as too great a shock to the system,file it under the things I do to have my cake and eat it,get a feel for the Paul Short course and still get my long run in as I strive for another 5 day 40 mile week in training

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