Friday, August 22, 2014

She Loved Like Diamond

I'm not sure when the next week day long run is scheduled but I suspect there will be more than one trip upto Lehigh and the Paul Short course,I just hope it's not a week where I'm still dealing w/ a long day for a concert as I'm still paying for my excesses on Tuedsay nite at Union Transfer for the Echo & The Bunnymen show,it's all well and good that I not so much loved the 80s but actually lived them,the drawback is at 50 getting to bed at 12.30am on a week nite kicks my butt....and then there's the whole running issue on top of that to deal w/!!!!!!

Thanks to my "brain fart" on Wednesday and making it an 8 mile run over a 6 mile run meant only having to run 12 miles last nite which trust me was enough,for the first time in a long while I really had to coax myself into getting out the door to run,it's been a long season since mid December when I got stuck into my training so it's prehaps not a total surprize that mentally and physically I'm having to dig a little deeper to forfill my weekly training schedules now more so than a few weeks back but I told myself once I got through tonites 12 miler I had a well earnt rest day on tap b4 Saturdays repeats and an easy jog of the Paul Short course on Sunday....I can worry about next weeks schedule when Monday gets here!!

For the third time this week I was able to run sans shades as the cloud cover kept the sun from being an issue,82 degrees compared to the swealtering 84 degrees from Wednesday....although that said my sleeveless dri fit shirt was anything but dry by the time I finished my run
Having knocked out a pair of 10 milers a fortnite ago the week of the Track Pentathlon I knew I was more than capable of handling a 12 miler that said I had to allow myself a wry smile as I got to the 4 and 3/4 mile marker as i recalled the 9 marathons I trained for and ran between the fall of 01 and 05 where I had to run much further than 12 milers at a much quicker pace......
of course leading upto the 01 Philly Marathon I was 37 almost 38 and in 05 for the Athens Marathon I was only 41 almost was alot easier to do longer runs on younger legs but w/ older legs comes a wiser head on equally older shoulders so I've learnt how to manage my body as it's gotten older and once I made the turnaround at 6 miles I pretty much felt I had this one in the bag

Post run it was a couple of much need pints of Strawberry Milk follwed by a much needed shower,dinner and feet up on the recliner to enjoy the Stockholm Diamond League meet.
As a self confessed Track & Field geek the Diamond League meets are track nirvana to yours truly,the worlds best going head to head every few weeks from mid May to early September you can't beat it and following a five week hiatus for the Commonwealth Games and European C'ships it was back to business last nite w/ three more stops in Birmingham,Zurich and Brussels b4 the curtain comes down on the 2014 season.
Props to two women in particular last nite,Emma Coburn in the women's 3,000m steeplechase{my vote for female athlete of the year IMHO} and Jenny Simpson in the 1,500m,I for one am looking forward to Birmingham on Sunday b4 Zurich next Thursday and Brussels the following Friday by which time my season will only have one week left at 5th Avenue Mile

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