Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WWMD......What Would Mo Do?

Another easy 8 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr aka the office given the time I spend out there on a weekly basis.
The ongoing issue of adding a 8.4m tempo run once around the Art Museum loop continues to dominate my thoughts.
I haven't done any tempo runs for a while so it's probably not the worst idea in the world to add one a week to my rotation,in all fairness it'll probably begin the week of Sept 15th when my off season phase of traning begins,i'm effectivly dropping my mid week track workout for the tempo run and it looks like Tuesday would be a good day to slot it into the schedule sndwiched between a pair of 10 milers on Monday and Wedneday which will serve as an easy run on Monday off the back of my Sunday long run and then a recovery run on Wednesday off the back off a tempo run......#sorted.

The logistics of the tempo run around the loop tend to be the only sticking point is it easier to go directly there from work,have at it and then walk down the Schuylkill Banks to Market St to jump the #34 trolley home,or come home,take the trolley to 30th St and walk down the banks to Lloyd Hall,do the loop then walk back to 30th St.....the problem w/ coming home first is the temptation to say feck it and not head back out especially once we get into October,November,December so it looks like the former not the latter will be the way to go.

While the prospect of a third 8 miler tonite is somewhat "been there,done that" I'm looking to make up the 2 miles I lost last week when all the changes to my schedule meant I came up short of my preferred 40mpw at 38 miles ergo why this weeks schedule looks like 8,8,8,4,14 =42mpw

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