Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Concrete Jungle

After getting spoilt running on the lush green grass of Lehigh Universitys cross country course on Sunday it was back to reality and the urban jungle of concrete and asphalt that makes up my out and back 8 miler along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive yesterday.

Out the door just after 4.30pm in sunny skies and 86 degree temps,after last weeks san shades conditions it was back to the tried and tested Three S's Shades,Shorts and Sleeveless running attire,w/ Sept 1st a week away now the days of the Three S's are on borrowed time sadly,this time next month I'll be looking for my short sleeve dri fit shirts as we roll into October just as cross country season starts.....
B4 then there's the oh so small matter of 5th Avenue Mile,not including last nites 8 miler I'm looking at another 8 or 9 runs between now and then,the beauty of an easy 8 miler last nite was time to think about how I wanted to tacle the next two weeks...the schedule I thought up on the out bound 4 miles looked radically different from the one I came up w/ on the inbound 4 miles as I look to keep the same level of intensity w/out over extending myself between now and next weekend.

I hummed and harrd about throwing in a pair of 8.4 tempo runs around the Art Museam Loop this week and next week and thought it wasn't a bad idea till the notion of back to back 14 milers on Sunday and next Monday taking advantage of Labour Day potentially allows me a whole weeks rest from Sept 6th till Sept 13th which I like the idea of,the issue of the 8.4 tempo run this week still exsists otherwise I'm looking at back to back to back 8 milers which I feel maybe a tad too rote for my liking,"variety is the spice of life" afterall.....

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