Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey Little Girl

Easy 8 miler to kick the week off,although no thanks to "Postman Pratt" from last Tuesday I had to schleep over to Piggy Post Office at 53rd and Kingsessing to pick up a book I ordered online of course I get over there and there's a long arse line and only one window open........the upshot of which it was 4.50pm b4 I got home and almost 5.10pm b4 I was stretched,changed and out the door almost 50 mins behind my usual time but in the general scheme of things but what are you going to do......aside from kicking "Postie" in the groin for making you go over to the sorting office and costing you that time but hey that's just me thinking out loud.........!!!!!!

Comfortable evening at 83 degrees as i made sure to keep the emphasis on easy for this run what w/ 4x1 mile repeats on tap Tuesday no point buring up valuable energy this evening,home by 6.31pm roughly a 1.24 8 miler which is par for course.

A happy fourth birthday to my cat Precious,sadly as I'm the one person on the planet w/out a camera phone I don't have a photo of the epitomy of cuteness personified to post on ye olde blog,but trust me she's a keeper......who else would put up w/ her I often ask!!!!
I'm not sure whos life has become more enriched by the whole experirnce,Precious for having me as her human,or me for having her as my cat.....I tend to think it's me even when she pulls stunts like this one,I dig out my running bag  for my repeats and in the time it took to get my flats and running shoes Precious was already curled up inside my running bag and even though I'd like to think I can walk thro walls,spit nails and shit bullets I don't have the heart to move my cat when she's comfortable....so the next time you see one of those "My Cat Walks All Over Me" t shirts think of me!!!!

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