Thursday, August 28, 2014

One Step Closer

And the tougher it gets,and the more that I sweat,and the harder it fights and the deeper it bites I'm one step closer to home
One Step Closer-The Alarm

Another day,another 8 quote an old Monty Python sketch"still I was getting used to it by now"!!!
I managed to drown out the negative voices in my head that were doing there best to convince me not to run,the old "you should be tapering for 5th Avenue Mile" chestnut popped up and maybe if I weren't taking the of 5th Avenue Mile off{the 9th week of my training cycle,eight weeks on,one week off}I would have worked a taper into the final three weeks but since I am taking that week off there's no slacking off this week or next week and w/ that I was stretched,changed and out the door by 4.30pm.

If Monday and Tuesdays runs had been punctuated w/ some time honoured "verbals" at ignorant motorists,no madam I don't know you're making a right hand turn onto 48th St cos A I'm not a mind reader and B that's what your turn signals are for and dude no turn on red means NO TURN ON RED at South St bridge then yesterday was the turn of pedestrians to incure my wrath,at least twice people stepped out in front of my w/out once looking up to see if the sidewalk was clear,I realize I tend to disappear if I turn sideways but c'mon.....look where the hell your going,as for the obstinate individual who flat out refused to yield the inside of sidewalk to me as I ran towards them just after the South St bridge heading towards Franklin Field I have NO problem using the C word to voice my displeasure at your lack of common decency,next time do the responsible thaing and allow me to keep going along the inside of the sidewalk and I'll keep my profanities to myself..........

Heading along the Schuylkill Bank just after mile 2 of my 8 miler I was very aware of a runner on my left hand side trying his utmost to overtake me,given this was my third 8 miler in three days period not to mention temps of 86,88 and now 89 degs it would've been easier to let him have it......but we all know that wasn't happening!!!.
"Cuz" wasn't taking no for an answer and had another nip at my ankles w/in 100m which earnt him the same reaction,I upped my pace "if you want it,you'll have to earn it" I'm not going to just give it to you period but on a day when I saw my 1,500m world ranking drop from 3rd to 6th maybe I was feeling extra mean!!!!
Third time was NOT the charm for "cuz" either as we hit the slight uphill b4 Paine Park,although this time he did manage to get ahead of me for all of two seconds b4 I not only slammed that door shut but also threw away the key by freewheeling down the downhill oposite the Art Museum,a mile and a quarter later as I made the turnaround at half way who did I see some 30 meters behind me....I guess he figured "forget it" and let me go......good instincts!!!!

24 miles for the week w/ two rest days on tap b4 hopefully  getting access to Geasey Field on Saturday and then going long on Sunday,three down two to go for the week as I close in on a 178 mile month which may explain why I'm feeling a little leg weary but since I consider running a metaphor a life there are no short cuts and you get out what you put in.......

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