Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Show Of Strength After Losing Out To The Dancing Horses

I've felt it was only a matter of time b4 my luck ran out getting weekday repeats in at Temple's Geasey Field well the other {running}shoe fell this week.
Initially I tried to get my 4x1 mile repeats in on  Tuesday only to encounter Marching Band practice on the infield,I'd encounterd this issue a few years back at roughly the same time of year in my 5th Avenue Mile build up but undeterred I figued I'd try my luck on Wednesday since my last two mid week repeats had been on Wednesdays w/out issue and when I arrived at Geasey Field at 3.45pm w/out a Cymbal,Oboe or any other instrument in sight I thought I was home I laced up my running shoes I happened to look over my right shoulder to see hordes of Marching Band peeps decending en mass on the infield #ohbollocks
Sure enough 200m into my warm up I was politely informed by campus security that the track was closed,while I have no issue w/  the university "pulling rank" as it is afterall their facility I do question the use of  venue,the artificial pitches above the track are  much bigger and what about the football fiels which is across campus?.....NO!!!! the infield of the track it is and w/ it my midweek repeats are done.
Granted I only had this week and next week to try and squeeze in two more 4x1mile repeats b4 Fall Semester begins on Sept 2nd and the week after that is my rest week b4 5th Avenue Mile after which is my off season where I only plan to be on the track once a week on Saturdays till mid December so I can't be that indignant about it,and who knows maybe this is the universe's way of telling me to back off a little as I get closer to 5th Avenue Mile{three weeks from Saturday},I won't taper in the conventional way of reducing mileage but only having one hard workut a week from here on in may not be the worst thing in the world.

Since I was already dressed to run once I got home it was a matter of dropping off my bag and heading back out the door for my run,while seldom one to brake my hand patting myself on the back I'm proud of the fact I didn't blow the whole thing off given my level of fatigue.
Having ben a "Boy Scout" most of the year in terms of concerts to financing my trip to Winston Salem I cut loose on Tuesday nite to catch Echo & The Bunnymen at Union Transfer
I've been a fan of The Bunnymen since 82 when I first heard "The Back Of Love" and had been lucky enough to catch them live four times uptill Tuesday nites show at Union Transfer when I ended a 12 year drought of having not seen them and while it made for a long day being on my feet till 11.30pm not to mention not gettting to bed till 12.30am and then having my butt draggin' all day I still made a point of getting out to run despite the siren call of my recliner when I got home from my aborted attempt to get repeats in at Temple.

I can blame my fatigue on a gaffe in terms of milege on the run,given it would've been a 6 miler on the track{4x1 mile w/ a mile warm up and cool down} I only needed a 6 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks to Lloyd Hall.....but given I'm programmed to doing 8 milers out to the mile marker on Kelly Dr I ended up doing 8 miles....go me,balls arsed tired to begin w/ and throwing in an extra two miles!!!!
I kicked around several ideas about how to get myself back on  40mpw schedule or even 42 mpw as I hardly feel an extra two miles is excessive but what I'll probably do is make tonite an out and back 12 miler rather than the 14 mile long run I had considered.....gotta save my legs for Saturdays 2x150/4x400/decathletes mile now that I'm only getting one track repeat in thanks to the Dancing Horses...

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