Friday, August 15, 2014

A Sobering Thought

No matter what the trouble we carry round inside, we're never safe from the truth but in the truth we can survive when his wall of denial comes trumblin' down down to the ground
Wall Of Denial Stevie Ray Vaughan

8 mile recovery run after my 4x1 mile repeats in 79've just gotta love it!!
It was also my maiden run in my new running shoes,after two "tours of duty" w/ the Adidas Adizeros I switched for now to a pair of Reebok Z Quicks which I have to say I liked for this run,and I'm sure over the coming 350 plus miles that I wear them I'm sure they'll do the job.

In a classic" a funny thing happened on the way home" moment I found myself in a Center City Liquor store picking up a bottle of Cognac as a going away present to my co work John who retires tomorrow after 29 years at the hospital,the "funny thing" was that yesterday was the twenty sixth anniversary of me getting sober.
While I don't talk much about my struggle w/ alcohol back in the day or  my subsequent recovery over the past twenty six years the fact is had I not gotten that moment of clarity on August 14th 1988 I wouldn't be sitting here now writing this of that I can be sure and while getting sober came too late to save my marriage it did at least save my life,so here's to another day.

As for my co worker John's retirement it's a tough one for me,I've never worked w/ anyone for fiveteen years b4 so knowing after Friday we won't work together ever again is a strange thought and while there were times in the past fiveteen years I wanted to kill him, the good times far outweighed the bad times ergo why I was in a Liquor store buying him a bottle of Cognac as a going away present on my sober of lifes delicious ironies I guess!!!! and while I hope John enjoys every last drop of his Cognac I'll look forward to another day of sobriety

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