Monday, August 25, 2014

Upstairs At Eric's/Erik's

If you're waiting for the blog entry from Saturdays 2x150/4x400/Decathletes Mile don't hold your breath.....
After waking up later than I would've liked at 9.15am I discovered the reason  for my sound sleep.....rain and by the time I waited it out it was gone 11.30am b4 I ventured cross town to Geasey Field only to discover to my utter horror.............................fuckin' band practice on the infield again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Band Practice on a fuckin've gotta be fuckin shiitin' me!!!!!!!! and w/ that went my plans for a repeat #ohfuckinbollocks
Thankfully yours truly took his three year stint in the Cub Scouts to heart "Be Prepared" was the Cub Scout motto so when I threw in that mid week 2x150/4x400/Decathletes Mile two weeks ago the weekend of the Track Pentathlon it meant that even w/ Saturdays shut out I can still get my six repeats in b4 5th Avenue Mile.........providing I can nail them both down on the upcoming two Saturdays.....I'd like to think w/ next weekend being Labour Day weekend there'd be NO Band Practice which just leaves the following weekend {Sept 6th} to take care of business.....even if I have look elsewhere to get it in......#fuckinbandpracticeareyoufuckinshittinme

Sunday saw me make my first trip out to Lehigh University to get a lay of the land so to speak for two of my upcoming cross country races,the Paul Short xc8k in October and the Masters Club Nationals xc10k in December.
While it was a glorious morning to jog the 10k course and part of the 8k course to get a 10 miler in I suspect conditions to be  far brisker and far muddier not so much in October for Paul Short on Oct 4th but definately for Club Nationals on December 13th!!!
Back home by 1pm and every the Boy Scout it was laundry first b4 I could relax on the recliner and catch the Spurs QPR game from earlier in the morning that I'd used the dvr to record so I could have my cake and eat it.
While it's early days yet two games into the new season both Eric Dier and Erik Lamela look like the best thing since sliced bread IMHO Dier has two goals in two games......not too shabby for a defender and Lamela was at the heart/hart of everything good on the pitch yesterday

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