Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Call It A Boycott

Another up tempo 10 miler along Cobbs Creek Parkway this evening as parity seems to be returning to my day to day/week to week life.
For only the 4th or 5th time this year I worked a five day week this week,between race schedules,vet appointments etc I've had a decent amount of time off,which while great has thrown my schedule off a tad,I'm one of those people who likes life in straight lines,while it can be predictable there's something about working Monday to Friday,coming home getting changed going out for my run,showering,making dinner writing my blog,going to bed and w/ the clock ticking down to the entry deadline to Worlds,the outdoor season and the Worlds and Nationals I need to get back on schedule again and now.

I'm off to the track tomorrow to conduct a 5x1,000m repeat,it was such a huge part of my success last season and right now as I'm rebuilding my confidence after a less than rewarding indoor season it's important to revisit a repeat I'm familiar w/ to gauge where I'm at right now and see what needs to be done to get me ready for Sacramento and Berra in July.

Long b4 the need to crank out a 5x1,000m I'd made up my mind not to compete at the Mid Atlantic Indoor C'ships tomorrow at Delaware,w/ an outdoor race on tap next Saturday and my full quota of indoor races filled there was no need to run one more indoor race period....besides I'm a big lover of banked indoor tracks,Delaware isn't banked so......
I'm sure there are those who'll point out I've sidestepped the Mid Atlantic C'ships since 08 and have been MIA from Mid Atlantic meets also from 08 and there's good reason for that,period much less last years infamous "Possum Gate"surrounding the Penn Relays and the post meet fall out where I was called out by Joel Dubow on Masterstrack Blog and labeled Possum,a move that backfired in biblical proportion in my opinion and while I may've suggested we didn't attend Philly Masters meets I never called for a boycott,my choice not to attend their meets is my prerogative I know several of my teammates will be there tomorrow and I wish them well,for me there are bigger fish to fry.

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