Thursday, June 19, 2014

No Turning Back Now

As of 6.30am this morning my bandana is officially in the ring for next months Masters Nationals C'ships in Winton Salem North Carolina.
Having sat out last years Indoor and Outdoor Nationals and also this years Indoor Nationals it's nice to be heading back to track camp for grown ups I make no bones about having missed the thrill of competition and the camaraderie that comes w/ it when the "clans all gather" in which ever city is playing host to Nationals and this time in four weeks time on Thurs July 17th I'm sure my pre race nerves will be working overtime prior to the 800m prelims.
While the deadline for entries isn't till midnite w/ another late deadline next Thursday it already looks like there'll have to be prelims in the M50 800m right now there are 18 entries and while there's always the cahnce of no shows and scratches but frankly I'm ok w/ a prelim I hate arriving at Nationals on a Wednesday for Thursdays 800m prelim only to be told it's been rolled to a Saturday final and then having to sit around from Wednesday to Saturday waiting for my first race let me get a race under my belt on Thursday like I did in Charlotte 06 and Lisle 12 and get those nerves out of my system.

However that's a month away yet still some work to be done yet between now and then including yesterdays 8 mile recovery run in 93 degree heat which was a blast......of inferno type heat!!!!
Post run I downed two pints of Strawberry milk and slumped into a sweat induced semi coma on the recliner during the first half of Croatia and Cameroon in the World Cup,I was hardly the poster child for "what dosen't kill me makes me stronger" let me tell ya but I can now enjoy two days off b4 Saturdays always challenging 8x300x200x300m I said there is no turning back now I'm 100% committed to the cause and have hope over the closing three weeks of training I can fine tune what I've been effectivly working on since mid March

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