Friday, May 8, 2015

A Bridge Too Far

Having surprized myself on Wednesday w/ a 1.10.48 "easy run" I opted to make Thursdays run a tempo run,by runs end it was clear I'd gotten them mixed up!!!
 Wednesdays run had begun w/ me in a "loosey goosey" frame of mind till I reached the turnaround in 36.06 then I reallized I could get a decent time so I focused on the run rather than contiuing to let my mind wander and I managed a 42.34 inbound leg,the plan on Thursday was to go all out from the get go.
7.58 at the opening mile I did however miss my 2 mile split along the Schuylkill footpath but clocked 28.43 at Lloyd Hall.
The fact I was already gritting my teeth b4 I reached the turnaround told me I was "pushing" the pace in recent weeks when I've logged decent times in the 1.11-1.13 range I've done so  w/out having to push it or at least not untill the final mile or so.

Upon checking my watch at the turnaround I had good reason to be gritting my teeth.....34.53.had I bitten off too much or did I have it to go sub 35.07 and go sub 1.10?
My splits at mile 5 and 6 indicated it was there for the taking but the proverbial "writing was on the wall" when I had the option to "beat the light" crossing Spruce St b4 just after 37th St and stopped to cop a breather.
At the next red light  I found myself in the unnatural pose of being hunched over w/ my hands on my knees trying to draw breath,clearly I'd left it all out there probably in the opening half of the run.
1.04 and change at mile 7 I was "hanging on" now no kneelift or leg turnover as I "went through the motions" just to finish,glass half full as methodical and unattractive as it looked and felt at least I finished up running rather than walking......although to the untrained eye it might've been hard to tell!!!

1.14.17 one of my slower times of recent weeks but maybe w/ two races in the upcoming ten days I needed bringing down to earth and refocused on the matters at hand rather than issues to quote Rush  matters that are "Closer To The Heart".......

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