Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slow Ride

Sunday 8 mile recovery run.....NOT that there felt like there needed to be much recovery from Saturdays Manayunk Road Mile!!!
Out the door b4 11am conditions were grey and overcast and a little humid,if my recovery pace wasn't going to make me break a sweat the humidity would!!

It's a given after a sub par race to "exorcise the ghosts" and just get it out of the system and move on,shit happens you run a bad race from time to time,morn it and move on,I won't be adding another race to my limited race scedule to make up for it,it was some what of a "novelty" to take on a road mile other than 5th Avenue Mile given the proxcimity of my door step to Main St Manayunk it was a race I felt "duty bound" to add to my schedule,granted my race and time were bugger all to write home about{Or blog.....but I did anyway!!!} but the medal for second in the 50-59 age group helped soften the blow.

The beauty of a recovery run is it means the stop watch is "not the opponent" for once so I can use the time to process whatever needs processing,not that there was much left for this week to process being a Sunday but it's never too soon to "write" next weeks schedule in my head and also do the "mental math" re next race {5 weeks}Nationals {9 weeks} and Worlds{13 weeks}
To that end the fact I was back upto a 5 day week after recent illness and  sciatica issues was a step in the right direction,next week I should be close to  my "milege du jour" 5 day/40mpw at 35 mpw and then the following week full steam's that time in my schedule to knuckle down and take care of business.

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