Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hat In The Ring

Well it's official,I've thrown my hat into the ring{or in my case bandanna!} for Worlds......
The entry deadline is June 2nd but w/ Nationals to prep for in both training but also looking for flights,hotels etc I thought it best to get my entry for Worlds squared away now b4 it snuck up on me at the last minute.

While there are still 12 days to go b4 the deadline closes{like Nationals I expect Worlds to be the same in the respect runners will wait till the last minute to enter/show their hand} I saw a few names I expected,a few that surprized me and a few either not yet entered or entered in other distances either way it's another 12 weeks b4 I arrive in Lyon prior to the prelims of the 1,500m on Aug 12th and the final on Aug 14th so it's very much full steam ahead now w/ training.

Mercifully upon my arrival at Temple's Geasey Field at 3.55pm I found the track uninhabited and free for yours truly to conduct a repeat session,todays bill o fare was 8x800m w/ 3 min recoveries.
Last time out w/ this repeat was April 1st at Roxboro where I went:

Mile warm up taken care of it was time to have at it,whatever I ran today compared to last time out would ultimately serve as a baseline for the weeks/months ahead.....

#1 800m
A good opening 400 but I "went to sleep"on the second lap,a testimony to needing to get back into repeat mode and mindset

#2 800m
Same issue just back to front this time,1.20 bites but the 1.14 was a nice recovery.

#3 800m
That's more like it! even splits w/ a decent time,could I keep it up?

#4 800m
Ger!! I'd kept the 2.37s at bay till #5 last time out,that's what you get when 1.18/1.19 splits creep in

#5 800m
Bollocks!! brisk opener followed by a sub par second lap #notgoodenough

#6 800m
Another slow opening lap,but good recovery on the closing 400m

#7 800m
While my expectation levels today weren't sky high I already knew I'd fallen short of my April 1st overall combined times

#8 800m
Technically this was repeat watch didn't start on the original 8th repeat,when I discovered that at 400m I kept running so as to replicate the 800m/3 min recovery cycle and went again which may explain the opening 1.21 400m....and may also explain why I left the track grinning like a Cheshire Cat w/ a 19th and closing 400m of 1.14!!!

Overall  a tad underwealmed w/ these repeats,collectivly 4 seconds down on April 1st but like I said today was a baseline for moving forward in the coming weeks and months

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