Saturday, May 23, 2015

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

In keeping w/ the "week of best laid plans" turning to shite today saw the latest installment,the plan was to hit Temple's Geasey Field for 3x3x200m repeats,my biggest concern going in was having to work around the Special Olympics group who use the track Saturday mornings.......
This would prove to be the least of my worries when I arrived at Geasey Field around 1.15pm,no sign of the Special Olympians......however Temple's Rugby team appeared to be on the infield ......while technically this didn't effect the track the fact a campus security bod was sat inside the gate told me he wasn't there as a Rugger fan but rather to ward off track types like yours truly........#ohforfuckssake
                                                                                                                                                                     I had options,go further afield to find a track I could use or do my 10 mile easy run today and then return to Temple both tomorrow and Monday........frankly not an option so since weekend travel on regional rail is free to weekly transpass buyers like moi I said feck it I'm off to the Main Line where I'm spoilt for choice,Villanova,Haverford,Lower Merion and at a pinch St Joes......
I llike Haverford's track,truth be told I haven't worked out there since 09......long overdue I'd say so w that I was back into Center City and on the Paoli train to Haverford by 2.25pm.
One of the major pluses of Haverford over Temple even though both tracks are on their respective college campus is Haverford is more of a suburban college,don't get it twisted I like Temple's Geasey Field but how often have I had to avoid some oik on his or her bike riding around the track period let alone the "holiest of holiies in lane #1......where's the feckin' campus security then I ask?.......since I,m on a roll here allow me to indulge myself a little Derek & Clive''fuckin' nowhere that's where"!!!!!!!!!

Mile warm up taken care of it was have at it time,even the recreational runners at Haverford are runner savvy,runner friendly and allow those of us w/ a mission/passion/purpose to take our place in lane one while they occupy the outer lanes.....shit even the walkers do the same.....and not a bike in you get the feeling Haverford is about to become my go to track on the weekends??????????
W/ no reference point to the 3x3x200m repeats as this was a "Maiden Voyage" l simply laid down a 33 and under guideline............

#1 3x300m
I'd like that 33.08 back but frankly if that was as slow as it got today........

#2 3x200m
W/ such short repeats I knew the need to nail each one,no holding back,so far so good.....

#3 3x200m
Pretty satisfying opening series if I say so myself.

The trick of course will be to do even better when I next revist this repeat,I have 6 short repeats I want to use so w/ 11 more weeks till Lyon I should be able to get two sets of each in between now and then.....I suspect most if not all will be here at is afterall only a few miles down Lancaster Avenue from my beloved Villanova........I rest my case m'lud!!!!!

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