Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Delight

Ok,starter for ten....NOT  that kind of "afternoon delight"......NOT that I condone such behaviour.......the chance would be a fine thing but this is a running blog not a "shaggin' blog"........that sort of activity is reserved for my dairy........get your minds out of the gutters people,I know it's a holiday weekend but c'mon now!!!!!!.
After a few weeks of workouts interuptus due to first the sciatica and then getting sick I fell off pace of my weekly 5 day/40mile a week schedule,last weeks races  meant lower milage hence the 5 day/30 mpw but this week w/  my two repeats taken care of I had the chance of a 5 day/35 mile week providing I took care of a 10 miler on Sunday......

The only issue was the final day of the EPL season but w/ all kick offs at 10am the afternoon was wide open for an easy 10 miler following the two hour "Goal Zone" so roughly around 2.30pm yours truly was taking care of business out and back along the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive to just b4 St Joe's Boathouse.
It's been a while since I've logged a 10 miler but it will be good practice for next Sunday when fingers crossed I aim to log a Sunday long run over 14 miles to round out a 5 day/40mile week,effectivly putting back where I should be in training.

Time was never the issue here so I was kind of hit and miss w/ checking my splits,I figured on 9 min mile pace and 45 mins at halfway,I saw 45 and change which was good enough,w/ repeats on tap tomorrow{some holiday weekend repeats,10 miler,repeats but this is a small price to pay in May to reap my rewards in July at Nationals and August at Worlds!}I didn't need to be cranking the pace a la a tempo run......there'll be time for that on Wednesday.
1.32.42 good enough,back to Haverford tomorrow for repeats and the start of another weeks training,it's a simple life but the rewards are great when it all pays off......

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