Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First We Take Swarthmore,Then We Take Manayunk

You stand up,your hands up and now you're going w/ the flow,conceived it breathed it now you're gonna reap what you sow.
So give it then live it and feel it burning in your soul,you mean it forseen it and now you're ready to explode
You've really got em' running

Running-Love Amongst Ruin

W/ Mondays Outdoor season opener in the books and blog{big shout out to "Uncle Ken Stone" who mentioned yours truly and said blog in Masterstrack Blog yesterday.thanks for the support!!} it's time to let the dust settle and get ready for the next race......which will be sooner rather than later as I have a road mile in Manayunk on Saturday.
As a rule I tend not to mess w/ the road untill Sept and 5th Avenue Mile but w/ Manayunk being so close to my door step not to mention the chance to get two races in for May how could I not....sure I could go to the Mid Atlantic C'ships in West Chester..........................ok I'm sorry I thought I could post that w/ a straight face but I can't!!!! so Manayunk and the road mile it is.
There was a road mile in Media last Saturday,organized by the same people who are putting on the race in Manayunk this Saturday but two days b4 the 1,500m at Swarthmore was too close for comfort.

Looking at the results 4.35 won it,4.46 and 4.47 took second and third w/ 4.49 and 4.55 rounding out the top five w/ the age range:23,20,27,48,36 the first 50-59 runner was 14th in 5.25 and while I don't expect all the Media runners to converge on Manayunk I feel it's a safe bet several will double dip.
Based on my 4.30.64 1,500m on Monday I could run a 4.48 mile which would put me "right in the mix" on Saturday,I believe it's an out and back course along Main St which should be pancake flat so we'll see what happens come 8.15am Saturday morning.

Coming off of Mondays race the order of the day was an easy/recovery 8 miler out and back along the Schuylkill footpath/banks and Kelly Dr,I figured Wednesday for a tempo run was soon enough after Swarthmore and enough time to recover for Manayunk.
Given this was a recovery run I neglected to check my splits untill the turnaround and saw 38.16 a 1.16.32 finish.....if I fancied it.....given the 85 degree heat and the fact I was coming off a race I elected to stick to "recovery" mode,besides tomorrows tempo run is where the "thrill of the chase" really kicks in.

1.18.10 when I finished,one of my slower easy/recovery runs of late but I was ok w/ that,tomorrow however will be a different matter

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