Friday, May 29, 2015

Fool In The Rain Part Two

So much for Thursday being the hotter of the two day.....Wednesdays 88 degrees was follow by a lowly 82 degrees......not that I think it would have made a difference to the to the order I had planned to run  my tempo and recovery run,granted a tempo run in 82 degrees comapared to the 88 I ran it in the day b4 may've made a difference to my overall time.....but the fact I had a 1.09.47 under my belt now in 88 degs meant I could ease off the gas on Thursday w/ my recovery run.

Another day I got a slightly later start at 4.45pm which would have ramifications towards the end of the run but such is the price I pay for having to adopt the role of Gatekeeper this week at work but come next pay day I'm due an extra 5 hours this pay period 4 x no lunch hour 4 x 15 mins for having to stay till 3.30pm.....w/ Nationals and Worlds coming up I need extra dosh like anyone else,Payroll can piss and moan about my extra hours,you want a two man job done by one person you''ll have foot the bill that comes w/ it.....

Given this was a recovery run the need to know my splits became secondary....that said "force of habit" meant I checked them anyway......I just didn't have to react to them on this run!
37 and change at the turnaround I wasn't concerning myself w/ my pace while I embrace the need to "drop the hammer" on both my repeats and tempo run it's nice to have an easy and recovery run in the mix to balance things out.

Just over a mile to go the heavens opened like they did on quote the always quotable Monty Python "still I was getting used to it by then" had I gotten out the door at my traditional 4.20/4.30pm time I could've avoided the shower on both days.......given the extra 5 hours I'm picking up next pay cheque I can spring for the industrial size Detergent and Fabric Softner b4 Sunday date w/ Laundry!!!!
1.17.39 and 20 miles for the week,repeats on Saturday and a return to the traditional Sunday long run over 14 miles to round out a return to 5 day/40mpw.......the clock is ticking towards Jacksonville and Lyon

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