Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moving Day

W/ the  8 mile recovery run under my belt it was time to kick it up a notch w/ a tempo run over the same 8 miles.
Despite having to "fly solo"at work all day which is a nine hour day w/out lunch{and NO Placebo on my lunch hour.......fear not I got my daily fix of Brian Moloko and co via Spotify and You Tube!!!!} I never considered NOT doing said tempo run,if I came up short at worst I had a "built in excuse" but if I pushed it back a day it'd eat into my reserves close to Saturdays road mile in Manayunk so rather than jepordize Manayunk and short change myself of a valuable tempo run I sucked it up like a Dyson Vaccum and just got on w/ it.

Out the door by 4.50pm allowing me time to stretch and also cop the end of the Champions League semi final #gojuventus I was very much a "man on a mission" unlike yesterday where the only split I checked was the turnaround{35.18} today I was checking all my regular splits,7.53 at the mile,13.13 at South St bridge, 16 and change at mile 2 along the Schuylkill footpath and 27 and change at Lloyd Hall.
Last week when I "really went for it" on my tempo run I clocked 34.53 at the turnaround but died a slow death over the second half of the run,at 35.14 I felt I hadn't bitten off more than I could chew this time.

At 71 degrees compared to the 85 of Tuesday I felt the conditions were more in my favour even if this was my 5th day in a row as I continued my quest for the so far elusive sub 1.10 8 mile tempo run.
42 and change at Lloyd Hall,54 and change at mile 6 along the Schuylkill footpath and 57 and change at the South St bridge.
For once I got a run of the green lights at South St bridge,34th and Spruce and 38th St,now for the final split at 39th and Baltimore Ave......62 and change,an 8 min mile would give me 1.10.........
Unlike last week where I was hurting like crazy in the closing mile tonite I still had some juice left....maybe because I didn't go bat shit crazy in the opening 4 miles and finished in 1.10.28 my seasons best is 1.10.12,that's gonna go soon and so's the sub's just a matter of when!

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