Monday, May 25, 2015

A Second Here,A Second There Makes All The Difference In The End

I feel it's common knowledge "the jet set life is not for me",once again a holiday weekend is upon us and yours truly is neither down the shore nor up the mountains,prefering to stay closer to home to "take care of business",having conducted repeats on Saturday and a easy 10 miler on Sunday it was back to the friendly confinds of Haverford this lunch time for 8x200m repeats.

Arriving around 12.25pm I was fortunate enough to find a smattering of other runners/walkers on the track,most of whom didn't hinder my brief time in lane one as I knocked out 8x200m repeats w/ a 45 second recovery......and this is why Haverford has become my "go to" track,next week when a mid week repeat session is on tap I may have to "slum it" and hit Temple's Geasey Field but frankly I'll worry about that next week.....

Conditions were warm obviously at lunch time....but given Nationals are in Jacksonville and in all liklihood both the 800m and 1,500m will be contested mid morning/lunch time plus whos to say what time the 1,500m heats and finals in Lyon at Worlds will be contested it felt prudent to be  the stereotypical "Mad Dog & Englishman Out In The Midday Sun".....
6 lap warm up concluded it was into the flats and into ''Usain Bolt mode",last time out over 8x200m repeats on March 28th I went:
What could I do today?

W/ the noteable exception of #5 which "ballooned" upto 34.11 I was dead chuffed at the repeat,I think the wind coming off the top turn and into the home straight caught me off guard,I made sure it didn't hinder #7 but unlike March 28th no 35 secs on the repeat......
A job well done if I say so myself,given I have 6 short repeats on tap it will be another 6 weeks b4 I'm able to revisit this one as it's #3 on the 6 week rotation so July 7th b4 we renew hostilities but I'm looking forward to much as one can relish any lung bustin' repeat!!!!!!

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