Monday, May 11, 2015

Easy Tiger

W/ my season opener for the Outdoor season this Monday I knew the need to exercise a little caution yesterday,no point "saving my legs" for Mondays 1,500m at Swarthmore if I didn't have a "shake out run" to get any leftover Lactic Acid/gunk/crap out of my legs from Saturdays repeats so I opted for an easy 6 miler.
hitting the road around 12pm I figured the traditional Mother's Day Race For The Cure 5K along West River Dr would be long over and I could just set the dial for "cruise control"  on my out and back to Lloyd Hall along the Schuylkill Banks.

Wasn't too much "on my mind" during the run,like I said it's easy enough to hit "cruise control" on these runs,while tomorrows college 1,500m is a big enough deal being the Season opener for outdoor track and one of only 4 races I'll race between now and the end of June{my 800m and 1,500m at Nationals will serve as races #5 and #6 b4 I arrive in Lyon in August for the 1,500m at Worlds} I don't need to spend every second between now and then obsessing over it.

It'll be what it will be tomorrow,as it's a college meet I'm on a "hiding to nothing" giving these guys at least 30 years but based on my 4.50 Indoor mile time I used 4.32 as my seed time which no doubt will put me in the final and slowest heat....but still giving away a few decades to these college guys and whatever open runners show up.
I have a time in mind I'd like to remains to be seen if I get close to it or not,to put things in prespective my opening Outdoor race last season also over 1,500m on May 29th in 4.31.5 I went out too hard in the opening 800m and died a horrible death over the final 400m,physically I thought I was ready to race that pace but mentally unprepared which may explain the shock on my face when the opening 300m went by in 48 seconds,65 for the opening 400m and 1.58 at 700m,while physically I may not been in that shape due to the missed training in late April I feel mentally I'm better prepared to run fast......we'll find out monday evening when the gun goes off I guess!!!

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